Use Case

Use Case

$SIC (Save India Covid) is a deflationary token which generates yield in a frictionless manner and donates a small part of every transaction directly to a charity.

  • 50% burned at the beginning
  • 3% of every transaction burns
  • 3% of every transaction goes to Donation pool

We are trying to make a difference in the life of affected people by Covid 19 and also other people working continuously in the front end like doctors, nurses, sanitary people, police, etc. that stood to support and care the affected people.

White Paper

White Paper

Road Map

Road Map

Listing on

Pancakeswap, MDEX, CoinMarketCap, BitMart and others

Connecting communities

Connect with various communities to expand the cause and benefit

To the Moon with a Cause

$SIC has a potential to reach the Moon with helping the people suffered with Covid-19 Pandemic


Save India Covid ($SIC)


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